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Sons of the East: The Voice of Summer

Sons of the East: The Voice of Summer

450 people enjoyed the premiere Len’s concert of Australian folk artists Sons Of The East at the Posthof last Friday. A musical evening that made you dream of summer.

It was the perfect atmosphere last Friday at the guest performance of Sons Of The East at Linz’s Posthof. No rain, spacious fresh air area, not too crowded, but also not so empty that the concert was not fun. Perfect conditions for this – also to support the act of Ash Radford, who entered the stage at about 7:15 p.m. The native Brit moved the center of his life to the south, more specifically to Portugal – and you can hear that. The longing for summer, the beach and the sea must have led him there – at least as far as his music is concerned. Songs like “Pagan Roman Daydream” attest to this, with surf-pop influences to be had. Ash Radford may not be reinventing the genre, but his heart is in the right place, including having fun on stage. More than ok for a support slot.

Indie folk of the dance type

“More than OK” as a feature certainly does not apply to the performance of Sons of the East. The band’s project from Freshwater, a suburb of Sydney, which originally toured as a trio, has evolved into a live folk show. What’s even more surprising is that the first “real” album was only released in 2022. After all, Sons Of The East has been around since 2011. The album “Palomar Parade” is the product of work over the past three years by a band you’ll definitely hear a lot about. Already on the road since 2013, first with three EPs, they are now conquering the indie folk world. Be it with hits like “California”, “It Must Be Luck”, “Millionaire” or “Into The Sun” – at the latest when the enthusiastic crowd sang along to “Hold On” a great concert evening for fans of the genre. The boys also collect sympathy points on stage. Here the joy on stage seems real. Very good for fans of the genre, as mentioned, for people who want to listen to indie folk, one of the bands one would like to recommend. Or as the author of these lines believes: If Mumford & Sons, Two Gallants, and the Mighty Oaks put together a music package, the result would be. That’s good. So damn good!

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picture: Christopher Lipp