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Florian Silberezen: a major scandal in his show

The Great Advent Singing Festival was held on Friday evening Florian Celebrezen in MDR. Pop stars presented the most beautiful Christmas classics and created a meditative atmosphere. But the show, which was perfectly organized, was not without flaws.

In the lead-up to each Silbereisen show, the announcers in charge usually announce a guest list so fans know if their idol will appear on the show. MDR published this list several days before the Advent Festival broadcast.

Florian Silberezen: These guests have been announced

The MDR message stated: “The star guest at the ‘Advent Festival Singing’ is Howard Karpendale With his current favorite Christmas songs. together with Jute FreudenbergPatricia Kelly, Simino Rossi, Andy Borg, DJ Ötzi and other stars make everyone sing together! “

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Florian Silberezen: Three artists have been lost

Attentive viewers will surely notice that not all the artists from this ad appeared. Unable to watch Ott Freudenberg, Patricia Kelly and Simino Rossi on MDR Friday Night! It seems that the announcer made a huge mistake in advertising – there is no other way to explain this scandal.

Florian Silbereisen – That’s how it changed!

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