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Spain: Coach Luis Enrique leaves the future open after the World Cup

Spain: Coach Luis Enrique leaves the future open after the World Cup

Luis Enrique left his future as Spain coach open after they were surprisingly knocked out in the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar.

“This is not the time to talk about it. I want to go back to my country and see my people,” the 52-year-old said after a 3-0 penalty shootout against exotic Morocco.

“If anyone is responsible for this, it’s me,” said Luis Enrique, announcing talks with the Spanish federation next week over his contract that expires at the end of the year. “We have to address this disappointment first.”

It is likely that captain Sergio Busquets will be lost at La Roja. “It’s a tough, tough night,” said the 34-year-old. “We have to get up and use our experience, there are very young players who will do that.” Ferran Torres said the youths “wanted to try to convince Bossi and the veterans to stay”.

He said Luis Enrique, who has worked with the 2010 world champion since 2018 on an eight-month hiatus, was “extremely happy” in his role. He has “a good relationship with the officials. I can continue, but I need to rest and have to think about what’s best for me and the team.”

Elimination of Spain: “disaster”

According to Luis Enrique, his players have “total freedom” in choosing who will take penalties. Before setting the point where the three Spaniards failed, Busquets had written down the names of those who wanted to start. “If I could change something, I would replace Bono – their goalkeeper,” said Luis Enrique.

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The Spanish press praised the criticism. while the Mundo Deportivo And the as such Marca, fed up about the point return, spoke of a “Spanish disaster”.