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Milletich has to answer the ÖFB

Milletich has to answer the ÖFB


On Thursday, Austrian Football Association President Gerhard Milic has to respond to the Austrian Football Association Executive Committee. Milic is accused of using his honorary position for the purposes of a private company.

Specifically, it relates to the allegation that Milletich, during his function as president of the association, advertised to the patrons of the Confederation of Austria in his journals. Milic is the managing director of a publishing house, including one based in Parndorf.

Milic denies this

Reports in the daily Kurir and Al-Akhbar magazine rolled in at the end of October – more on that in Harsh allegations against the president of the Austrian Football Association, Milic. Milletich has denied these rumors to this day and has threatened to sue them. which it seems he hasn’t attended yet.

Götschhofer supposedly had proof

Milletich wants to answer for himself at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Austrian Confederation. The headwinds were likely to come primarily from the regional confederations from Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol – who did not want the Burgenland native to be the head of the OFB. The head of state of Upper Austria, Gerhard Gotchhofer, even declared that he would be able to prove Milich’s misconduct with the information.

However, Burgenland supporters do not believe that this information will lead to the replacement of the head of the ÖFB. In any case, the fact is that a heated meeting awaits the Confederation of Austria and its president. The big question is whether Gerhard Milic will leave the post of president of the Austrian Confederation or whether he will have to resign.

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