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Spell – Great Spotted Woodpecker enchants catfish

Spell – Great Spotted Woodpecker enchants catfish

Last Thursday the Buntspecht left nothing to be desired. At the start of their Wells Slaughterhouse tour, the band impressed above all with their stamina and love of musical detail.

The name Great Spotted Woodpecker represents not only a species of bird, but also a group of six from Vienna. The band was founded in 2016 and has been in constant process ever since, constantly reinventing itself. From classical ingredients to jazz to Balkan dance sounds, everything is reflected in their music. Especially the new album “Until Yesterday That Wasn't Allowed to Be Tomorrow”. I'm Waiting” shows this diversity.

Without any support, the band took straight to the stage and charmed us for over two hours. Across the vegetable garden, from new classics to old, musicians played their way through their discography. Of course, songs like “Unter den Masken”, “Use me”, “Stinging Nettles”, “Mojo Risin” and “Majorelika” are not to be missed.

120 minutes filled with the love of a spotted woodpecker

Admittedly, we are still speechless after last Thursday's experience. Speechless because of the amazing selection of songs, speechless because of the incredibly great musical talent of the musicians individually and as a group, speechless because of their love for the music and their fans, speechless because of their improvisational skills, speechless because of their perseverance on stage. Every minute of the 120 minutes was spent dancing, singing and celebrating. Full of endorphins and extremely happy, we took the train to Linz. And if you notice the faces of the other visitors, it soon becomes clear. We weren't the only ones floating into the night with smiling faces.

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If you'd like to read more about how much we love the band in general, you can read more here. All we can really say is: Thank you for the great concert and we look forward to seeing Buntspecht again at the Noppen Air Music Festival.

Text: Lisa Lieb
Photo: Larissa Shovel and Lisa Lieb