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Founder of the $ 2 billion cryptocurrency exchange instantly

Founder of the $ 2 billion cryptocurrency exchange instantly


A massive case of cryptocurrency fraud has caused an uproar in Turkey. The official Anatolia News Agency reported that 62 suspects were arrested in raids in eight cities in the country on Friday. Thodex founder Faruk Fatih Ozer on the run with $ 2 billion (€ 1.7 billion) The Public Prosecution is looking for him with an international arrest warrant.

Thodex headquarters is in Istanbul. Rooms were also searched there on Friday, and according to press reports, computers were seized. The Public Prosecution office issued 78 arrest warrants. Authorities released a photo of Ozer during passport control at Istanbul Airport on Friday. According to Haber Turk TV station, which was cited by security circles, he had flown to Albania. Anadolu Agency reported that the Justice Ministry had requested the extradition of Ozir in Tirana. Ozer is said to be 27 or 28 years old.

400,000 people as investors

Thodex halted trading on Wednesday, leaving a vague message that the company will take five days to handle an unspecified investment. According to press reports, nearly 400,000 people have invested their money on the platform – a total of at least $ 2 billion.

Attorney for Thodex clients, Oguz Evren Kilic, told AFP that “hundreds of thousands of clients” could no longer access their accounts with Thodex. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating “serious fraud and the establishment of a criminal organization”.

Thodex founder Ozer wrote on the company’s Twitter account on Thursday that he was out of the country to meet with investors there. He will return “within a few days, and cooperate with the judicial authorities until the truth is revealed.” The allegations against him are “unfounded.”

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Cryptocurrencies are booming right now. In Turkey, due to high inflation and weak local currency, many invested their money in cryptocurrencies. Turkey’s central bank announced last week that payments for goods and services with virtual funds would be banned from April 30th. The central bank has warned of “significant risks” for digital currencies.