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Sponsor Mario Aldrian GmbH: Polo shirts for the ten world champions of the Stallhofer Fire Brigade

Sponsor Mario Aldrian GmbH: Polo shirts for the ten world champions of the Stallhofer Fire Brigade

FF Wald’s successful attempt to set a world record as part of the 2022 World Vintage Championship in Bruck / Glocknerstraße was followed by a “secondary look”: businessman Mario Aldrian presented himself to the champions with twenty polo shirts.

Work when ten firefighters from Stallhof am Attempt to set a world record Participated in FF Bruck / Glocknerstrasse already there several months ago. Almost 1,000 participating comrades from forty fire departments from all over Austria (Stallhof with Reinhold Albler, Walter Hamal, Bernd Kiefer, Christoph Geiche, Philipp Gesch, Florian Hamal, Gerhard Knerl, Gunter Reinbacher, Georg Sabathy, Gottfried Beinhopf / FF Ettendorf) encouraged hose line With the largest company in the world height difference to put. “We were station number 16,” it had to be Reinhold Blair And his team – as the high-alpine road can only be used to a limited extent – in one High Alps Terrain works. But it worked: with a hose line from 1435 meters The defense forces that participated entered the Guinness book from records.

Twenty printed polo shirts

Good things take time, even in the fire service. last friday at armory In addition to the successful event. contractor Mario Aldrian From the Erdbau & Transporte GmbH company of the same name in Groß St. polo shirts with the appropriate footprint. “I have a big respect Before the fire brigade gets involved, ”stressed Mario Aldrian, who Blue Light Organization Happy to give credit. The fact that with Philip Jaych One of the company’s world record holders truck driver He works. Fun side note: daughter Angelina Aldrian just celebrated her 18th birthday on Friday.

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