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Spotify is testing civil defense alert messages

Spotify is testing civil defense alert messages

Music streaming service Spotify The company appears to be testing functionality in its home country of Sweden, which would allow users to use the app Civil Defense Service Alert becomes. how TechCrunch ReportsThis is through research conducted by the reverse engineer. Chris Messina Known. In the Spotify app code there are references to “Emergency Notifications “Found in Sweden.”

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Everything is completely normal.

It describes a system called IPA (Important Public Announcement), which “informs the public in Sweden in the event of serious accidents or incidents or Critical services down Coming.” Spotify confirmed that testing is underway, which is perfectly normal: “At Spotify we are at the forefront of Perform a variety of tests routinely. To improve our user experience. Some of these tests pave the way for a broader user experience, but most of them are just important insights.”

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Meta and Google steps

Through alerts, Spotify can penetrate areas already covered by big services like Meta or Google. Meta has been offering its own services for a long time. Security check-The job of ensuring the well-being of known persons after serious accidents. Google offers Earthquake warnings in.

Enable notifications

Chris Messina expects the alert feature could serve more than just charity. To do that, users will have to allow notifications on their smartphones. Otherwise it will likely be deactivated. It will be. Spotify can do it. Step in the door When new app features are announced.

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