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Spying for America?  Russian accused

Spying for America? Russian accused

A former US embassy employee in Vladivostok has been charged with espionage. The Russian secret service FSB already arrested a former employee of the US embassy in Vladivostok in May. The Russian citizen collected information about a “military special operation” on behalf of the US embassy, ​​the FSB said on Monday.

In addition, the man is accused of sending information about the mobilization processes in the regions and the possibility of resistance before the presidential elections in Russia for a fee to the political department of the embassy.

In this case, the FSB said it wants to investigate the two US diplomats.

If convicted of colluding with foreign powers to the detriment of national security, the suspect faces up to eight years in prison.

Ivan Gershkovich, an American journalist imprisoned in Russia, is to spend another three months in custody. A court decided that. The case created a sensation all over the world.

08/24/2023 | 02:43 min

The incident threatens to further strain already tense relations between Russia and the United States. Moscow has used such arrests in the past to exchange its own agents abroad.

The accuser and the newspaper deny the allegations, and Gershkovich has been in custody since late March.

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