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St. Patrick's Day – Green was the dominant color at Zwettl

St. Patrick's Day – Green was the dominant color at Zwettl

From left: Gerhard Oetz, Magdalena Wurth, Brigitte Lassmann Moser, Reinhard Kainz, Karin Leinbauer, Wolfgang Rothner, Luzia Marchsteiner and Melanie Hahn Hahn.

Franz Fichtinger

DrSt. Patrick's Day (March 17) was celebrated with Kulturzwickl's “Fiddl ma” and a great Irish pub atmosphere in the Zwettler bar “Zum Flying Holländer”.

Saint Patrick's Day commemorates Irish Bishop Patrick, who lived in the 5th century and is considered the first Christian missionary in Ireland. Today it is celebrated by Irish people around the world through parades and folk festivals. March 17 is a public holiday in Ireland.

In general, many Irish pubs often celebrate St. Patrick's Day with live concerts in which traditional Irish or Celtic folk music is played. This was also the case in Zwettl with the four charming young women of the “Fiddl ma” in the “Zum Flying Holländer” tavern (“fiddl ma!” = playing together).

For many years, the four women of Waldviertel have been enchanting with their voices – from delicate to powerful, from sweet to raspy. With a repertoire of songs that range, in addition to her own compositions, from classical Irish to Balkan to Appalachian, she takes her audience on a diverse journey. The ensemble consists of Melanie Hahn-Hahn, Luzia Marchsteiner, Karin Leinbauer and Magdalena Wurth.

The Flying Dutchman crashed on the cliffs of Western Australia in 1629 and celebrated its resurrection at Zwettl in 1996. The adventurous restaurant impresses every visitor with its unusual furnishings, cozy atmosphere and good mood music.