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FK Austria Vienna |  A strong U11 finished third in the Bayernwerk Junior Cup 2022

FK Austria Vienna | A strong U11 finished third in the Bayernwerk Junior Cup 2022

Violets opened the indoor purple championship season in Gelching, near the Bavarian capital of Munich. Under coaching duo Leigh Tueart and Raphael Thimler, the U11 team started the tournament furiously beating not only hosts TSV Gilching but also contemporaries VfB Stuttgart 6:0.

The Violet picked up a point against FC Augsburg and the Financial Times Starnberg before defeating Bayern Munich 3-0 at the end of the group stage. Hamza Ozturk and his teammates advanced to the second round undefeated and first in the group.

This was followed by two more confident 3-0 wins against TSG Hoffenheim and NK Maribor, and another draw against Augsburg. This sealed their entry into the finals.

Unbeaten during the tournament

In the quarter-finals, Violets beat RB Leipzig after a penalty shootout 1-1 and then faced Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals. Since the score was again 1: 1 after regular time, but this time the Germans should have the advantage in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout.

The young Austrians played the match for third place against Bayern Munich – and history repeats itself. Again it was 1: 1, again the decision had to be made on penalties. And just like the first time, the Violets once again prevailed in the minor final and took a solid third place.

Clean Guylain Mbau

Not only did Austria Wien lose to eventual tournament winners Dortmund (1-0 in the final against 1860 Munich), they were also the only team unbeaten after regulation time throughout the tournament. As a special honour, Guillen Mbau was also crowned champion moments after he was presented with the top scorer award.

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