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St. Polten: The Wirtschaftshof gas station is now crisis-resistant

The company’s filling station on the municipal farm, which is responsible for the entire fleet of vehicles for the judge and for the provision of various emergency power generators, is equipped with a new tank system.

Street. Bolten. For reasons of responsible blackout precautions and optimization of refueling cycles, it was necessary to significantly increase the storage volume of the Wirtschaftshof gas station. The main purpose is to ensure that there is an adequate supply of diesel to be able to maintain the emergency operation of urban infrastructure for a longer period of time.

self-sufficient energy

The municipal service yard has a powerful emergency generator and is 100 percent self-sufficient, meaning a new filling station is always ready for operation. With the new tank system, the tank volume has been significantly increased to a total capacity of 120,000 liters. The maximum stock is now 60,000 liters of diesel, 50,000 liters of industrial diesel and 10,000 liters of Ad Blue. When the diesel supply is about half, it is refilled. The total costs of this project are about 730 thousand euros.

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