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Star Night 2021: Rossatz as a setting for the 9th Star Night of Wachau

Star Night 2021: Rossatz as a setting for the 9th Star Night of Wachau

The Wachau Star Night will take place again this year in Rossatzbach from September 24-25, 2021.

Generous. Due to the COVID pandemic, The Star Night of Wachau was canceled last year. Therefore, Starnacht fans are delighted that this year the event can take place from September 24 to 25, 2021 in Rossatzbach as a public event.

Governor confirms anticipation after months of surrender
The governor of Lower Austria, Joanna Mikl-Leitner, stressed the “great anticipation” of the event that emerged several months after the abdication. “Even the artists can hardly wait to give live performances and impress the audience. Under the motto of ‘sound meets landscape’, visitors can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Wachau,” explains the governor. “The Star Night of Wachau is an important event to stimulate tourism in Lower Austria,” said Mikkel Leitner. The governor also confirms that she wants to participate in the Starry Night herself and is especially looking forward to being able to impress OPUS, DJ Ötzi and many other characters.

Tourism is essential for Wachao
The Mayor of Rossatz-Arnsdorf, Eric Boles, also noted that tourism is essential to the region. “There is still tourism competition,” said Bowles. “We need guests, which is why a starry night is essential to bring them closer to the beautiful scenery.”

Schlager, World Pop and Evergreens
“Starnacht is above all else characterized by hits, world pop, and perennial green,” says Alphonse Haider, who will co-manage the event this year with Barbara Schönberger.

Exciting support program
As in previous years, great artists will be brought to the curtain again this year. Exciting support program awaits guests, broadcast live on ORF2 and MDR with time delay. OPUS is pleased to finally be able to convey a lively atmosphere once again as part of their farewell tour. In addition, visitors and viewers can look forward to superstars such as Chris de Berg, DJ Ötzi, pop singer Mighty Kelly, Ben Zucker, Ronga Forcher, better known as Lilli Gruber vom Bergdoktor, Scottish TikTok star Nathan Evans and many other shows. greats.

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Security measures due to COVID-19
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the event is being conducted according to special security measures.