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Bonnie Tyler and The BossHoss: Day Two at Donauinselfest in Vienna – Donauinselfest

Bonnie Tyler and The BossHoss: Day Two at Donauinselfest in Vienna – Donauinselfest

It was the second day at the Danube Island Festival in Vienna.

On the second day of the festival, the 40th Danube Island Vienna Festival presented itself to visitors in all its aspects.

Whether it’s a young musical talent from Austria or an action-packed support program for all generations at Fit with Philipp made possible by Wien Energie and spusu or your friends. The girl power was big on the erotic panel, with cabaret shows and on the big stage with KTEE and Bonnie Tyler.

Ludwig on the Danube Island Festival in Vienna

Mayor d. Michael Ludwig: “Another great day at the Danube Island Festival for the people who live in this city. Today I saw families, young people and old people who lived this day side by side. It makes me proud, Mayor of this. To be a city where respectful cooperation and cohesion live.”

Barbara Nowak, State Secretary of the Party at SPÖ Vienna: “On the second day of the festival, Donauinselfest was again a fireworks program for everyone and for every generation – families in particular got their money’s worth at the festival on Saturday. 1,300 employees, 600 of whom are volunteers, work without They go unnoticed in the background and enable thousands of people to enjoy three days of carefree fun at the festival. They are all symbols of coexistence as it lives in Vienna. Our special thanks go to them – that’s how social cohesion works, that’s how Vienna works!”

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Andreas Babler, Chairman of the Federal SPÖ Party, who together with Mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig toured the island.

Babeler: The DIF Festival is a unique festival

Andreas Babler, Chairman of the Federal Party SPÖ: “With the Danube Island Festival, the organizers make it possible to visit concerts, nightclubs and the supporting program without admission. The DIF Festival is a unique festival, to which people from all over Austria come to have fun. But at the Danube Island Festival it is not Just celebrating it, hundreds of people working here, setting up the stage, giving gifts, ensuring safety and keeping the island clean – so we say: Thank you. That’s how respectful collaboration works and that’s how cohesion works.”

The BossHoss, Bonnie Tyler and Julian le Play at Vienna DIF

Over the whole weekend, more than 1,000 artists tour Europe’s largest open-air festival with free entry for DIF’s many helping hands. On #dif23 Saturday there were amazing performances by Alle Hoffnung, Julian le Play, The BossHoss, female cover band The Iron Maidens, Fat Astronauts, JAMYX, DJs from Mars, die Südsteirer, Insieme and Münchener Freiheit. Lizz Görgl, Wiener Blond, Sam Brisbe & Band and many other acts made the festival day a highlight. Not only was DJane Mel Merio the DJ, but he also managed the Viennese Heroines, which focused on women and spurred a rousing discourse on gender equality.

Launching a Variety of Sports, Fitness, Dance, and Family Fun Our comprehensive support program got a sporty start today. With Fit with Philipp made available by Wien Energie and spusu, the area around Wien Energie/Radio Wien Festbühne has become the scene of a large sports unit. At the OBI / kronehit theater for electronic music, visitors work out with YOGA by AuroraYoga, disco training powered by HEUTE – Die Tageszeitung and Holmes Place – live workout with DJ Mazen, while at the Flughafen Wien / Radio Niederösterreich Schlager theater with dance in Kopetzky Dance School with Line Dance, Boogie and Cha-Cha-Cha.

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Colorful program on stage OKIDOKI Kinderfreunde

Especially at the OKIDOKI Kinderfreunde Theater, a colorful program was presented for the youngest audience on #dif23 on Saturday. Among others, OKIDOKI on tour, Robert Steiner with a Hasbro toy show and children’s songwriter Bernard Fiebisch as well as a puppet theater and play bus at the Wiener Kinderfreunde, a water construction site, children’s face painting, a HASBRO play tent, STABILO Malcorner, an ANKER bakery for children and much more! There was also a kick-off meet-and-greet with popular OKIDOKI characters as well as a WOOM bike tournament, RebelMeat tattoo fun and a Wired Tiny House in the Luggage.

The sports performances of the Vienna School Baseball, ASKÖ WAT and Yu-Teakwondo as well as the paddle tennis tournament, junior and senior football volleyball for trial, 3×3 basketball tournament, Teach Beach children’s and youth beach volleyball coaches were excited on the Austrian island of the sports lottery, which is A program for young and old, the Austrian Armed Forces has also captivated the whole family in the ACTION & FUN sports island with many stops – today with fitness influencer Sascha Huber, among others.

An intoxicating vibe in “Your Friends”

DEINE FREUNDE’s appearance on Wien Energie/Radio Wien Festbühne ensured an exciting atmosphere and a squad of young DIF fans. They also got their money’s worth at the Wiener Städtische Versicherung / Sicheres Wien Insel with animal shows with ASB Vienna rescue and therapy assistance dogs and police service dogs as well as demonstrations by (water) rescue teams, the fire brigade and the police.

And for many fans of the DIF festival, it went even further: they celebrated the night from Saturday to Sunday at the Ottakringer brewery in the after party of the big DIF show.

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