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Starfield Community Patch: The mod is now available

Starfield Community Patch: The mod is now available

Starfield is the largest of all Bethesda games. Where there is a lot of code, there can also be a lot of chaos – for example in terms of physics or through vulnerabilities. However, sometimes there are bugs and other bugs that annoy players to no end. And much further.

Collection of patches for Starfield

The Great Starfield community patch It addresses these many problems and presents this mod as a great medical kit for Starfield. Morningind has previously created similar mods for Oblivion and Skyrim.

The Starfield Community Patch “aims to make the game better for everyone by offering fixes in a free, community-based way.” For example, “misplaced objects, script errors, inconsistencies in item properties, incorrect tasks/quests, game-breaking exploits, missing attributes (e.g. tags, header references, etc.) and typos” need to be improved.

Since Bethesda is still tinkering with Starfield, it will be interesting to see how Bethesda’s work will mesh with the larger community model and whether that might cause more confusion in the code.

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However, what the mod doesn’t address are balance changes or improvements that “do not align with the original vision of the game.” So the game is still very much the way Bethesda wanted to present it to you and doesn’t have any new interpretations from the mod artist.

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for him download Mod makers recommend using a mod manager, such as Vortex or Mod Organizer 2. If you don’t use this, you can still unzip the Starfield community mod zip file yourself and move it to the right place on your device. Guide.

To do this, unzip the file located in the same folder as your Starfield.exe file and move StarfieldCommunityPatch.esm to the game’s Plugins.txt file.