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Starfield's game trailer hints at similarities with Fallout

Starfield’s game trailer hints at similarities with Fallout

How do Starfield and Fallout fit together? Trailer for the game starfield Scanned by fans and found that Bethesda’s latest role-playing game features Fallout: New Vegas And the fallout 76 It can be “connected”.

There are aliens in Fallout. In Starfield, too. There was at least one connection already. on anyone 1000 planets We may find the same aliens from Fallout in the next Bethesda game. But there is another connection between the apocalyptic Fallout mode and the seemingly endless space of Starfield.

In Fallout and Fallout 2, there are enemies called floats, of course also in Fallout 76. Only more detailed. These were also supposed to appear in New Vegas, but were removed from the final game. What is left of it? Orphaned file archive.

What are floaters? Big-headed mutants gossip in the world of Fallout. And since Starfield’s game show lets fans know, it can be found in outer space as well.

Starfield and Fallout: Is the Floater the Master Key?

You glimpse the “Diseased Metropus Floater” in this first footage of Starfield, which looks very similar to the creatures from Fallout, and suggests that both franchises are located in the same universe. Of course, fans could be wrong too and Starfield buoy Is just a loose easter egg, like mentioned. A game designed by the developers to mislead us.

What is definitely certain: Starfield expands Like Skyrim or any other game published by Bethesda. The main Starfield mission alone should give us 30-40 hours of playing time. For Fallout 4 or Skyrim I needed about 25 hours. Anyone who wants to fully explore the game world will probably need a few more hours after it’s over 100 solar systems and 1000 planets be.

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After the release, which should happen sometime in the first half of 2023, it will also continue. Bethesda already has advance notice Starfield DLC Expansions a promise.

starfield For Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox cloud games in development. Space pirates will enjoy role-playing!

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