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Steam numbers revealed the growing popularity of Windows 11 among gamers

Steam numbers revealed the growing popularity of Windows 11 among gamers

There is currently no really good and, above all, analog method for distribution Windows 11 and other operating systems. One option is steambut of course players can mainly be found on the Valve game distribution network.

Players are usually one of the first users

Since the end of NetMarketShare, it has become difficult to get the most objective numbers on the distribution of operating systems (as well as browsers). Providers such as StatCounter or AdDuplex are not considered particularly reliable due to their registration methods and the small number of registered systems.

Steam does not have the problem of a very small database, because many millions of people navigate from the Valve game network, whose hardware and software statistics are recorded. But they are all players. This gives a generally unworkable picture, as PC gamers tend to be early adopters, that is, they are more likely to switch to new software releases than the general public.

Be that as it may, Windows 11 has become increasingly popular among gamers. because in Scan Steam hardware and software Coming in November 2022 the latest operating system Redmonder With a share of 27.98 percent, an increase of no less than 4.61 percent compared to the previous month. As expected, most of the people switching are coming from Windows 10, which is and still is the most popular operating system among gamers. Two-thirds of them are based on the previous version of Windows 11, and to be more precise, it’s 65.6 percent (minus 3.31 percent). Meanwhile, Windows 7 almost halved its share, because the oldie from Redmond, which is no longer supported, reached 1.88 percent, which means minus 1.71 percent.

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