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Netflix wants to attract more users to its exclusive "Preview Club".

Netflix wants to attract more users to its exclusive “Preview Club”.

Netflix has an exclusive “Preview Club” for select users, where you can pre-watch movies or series. And feedback from there can actually lead to changes, which was the case with Don’t Look Up.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix wants to offer the Preview Club to significantly more users, and there’s talk of tens of thousands. So Netflix would like more feedback to be able to adapt series and movies to suit audiences.

You can never plan and predict an outcome, otherwise the services will do it in a targeted way, but the more people like a piece of content, the more likely it is. But such a development also brings with it risks.

In the end, one content is similar to another and the temptation is great to do just that and not develop further and dare new experiences. But the competition is getting tougher and exclusive content is becoming more and more important.

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