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Stock has doubled – with 'organic' on the fast track: Bioservice Zach has to expand again

Stock has doubled – with 'organic' on the fast track: Bioservice Zach has to expand again

Many organic foods on supermarket shelves have a history in Schrems: right on the B2 federal highway is Bioservice Zach GmbH, which has been supplying direct marketers of farms and industrial companies with organically certified ingredients for 27 years. The excavators arrived here a few days ago – the company's headquarters, built only in 2019, are already bursting, and now the storage capacity is doubled.

Ability to deliver 200 components as reliably as possible. NÖN reported on the background and plans a year ago. Stability and reliability in the warehouse are of central importance, especially in turbulent times, said general manager Robert Zack, who introduced a complex system that includes forecasting customer demand and controlling the purchase of raw materials. There are around 200 different organic ingredients on offer, from spices to eggs, milk powder, starches and sweeteners to vegetables and dried fruits, which leave the warehouse in just one month on average.

Zack explains that achieving the expansion took a year of waiting due to various aspects of inflation. Therefore, a decision has not yet been made on the planned expansion of PV capacity.

This is what the company building should look like after the expansion is completed – the new part will be docked on the right.


Costs are in the high six-figure range. According to managing director Zak, the rest of the project is on track; An amount higher than six figures will be invested. Construction company Talkner (concrete construction) and Schandl & Co GmbH (steel construction) mirrors the large 750-square-meter warehouse eight meters high behind the company's office in the Schrems business park, so to speak, creating a double room. In the future, the extension can be used independently or in combination with the existing repository, depending on the needs of different products.

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For larger buyers, two docking locks at the rear of the building are also now being taken into consideration. After the foundation work, construction of the hall is scheduled to take about six weeks. “Then it will take about three months for the inner workings to be fine-tuned,” Robert Zack explains. The last points still need to be clarified here due to the issue of cost

Bioservice Zach: Things are getting tough in the new building, and expansion is being planned