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Electronic construction machines: climate-friendly construction on Wiedner Hauptstrasse

Electronic construction machines: climate-friendly construction on Wiedner Hauptstrasse

Since April, track construction has been underway on Wiedner Hauptstrasse, using electric construction machinery to make the construction site more climate-friendly. These measures aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds.

Vienna / Wieden. Since April, large-scale construction work has been taking place on Wiedner Hauptstrasse, which is expected to take six months and aims to make the street greener and cooler. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of environmentally friendly construction works, which is ensured, among other things, by the use of electric construction machines.

Four large devices are used on the construction site, which derive their energy from so-called “voltage stations”. These mobile energy storage devices are based on lithium-ion battery technology. This means that the situation is noticeably calmer in the section of the construction site between Johan Strauss Gas and Meyerhofgasse, Environment Minister Leonor Gevsler (Green Party) confirmed at a media event at the site.

In addition to reducing noise, electronic excavators and the like also ensure that the amount of fine dust is reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by two-thirds. To be climate neutral in 2040, “the electrification of construction sites and the transition to electric mobility is crucial,” Gevsler explained.

An innovative concept for large construction sites

This pioneering construction project was made possible thanks to the fourth “Zero Emission Mobility” (ZEM) tender from the Climate and Energy Fund. The project is supported by MIBA Battery Systems, which developed the voltage stations. The financing program is financed by the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK).

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“Appropriate charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the spread of zero-emission technologies,” explained Bernd Vogel, Managing Director of the company. “The maxE project, which we supported, aims to develop a solution for large construction sites operating with zero emissions.” Climate and Energy Fund. The funding budget amounts to 337,981 euros.

First steps and challenges

Jörg Dahlner, Managing Director of Kallinger Bau, a subsidiary of the construction company Swietelsky AG, explained that the number of electric construction machines in the small and medium sector remains in the high single-digit range. “We are just beginning and gathering experience in terms of identifying the right partner for us. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.”

The first devices were purchased two years ago, and e-navigation has been used on private construction sites for just over a year. Although construction times have not changed, costs are currently still higher than those of traditional machines. Currently, traditional machines cannot be dispensed with for the heaviest construction machines.

Practice sustainable construction site

Another important contribution to reducing emissions at a major construction site in Vienna is the reuse of concrete. Up to 700 cubic meters of concrete demolition removed from the old track will be used again on Wiedner Straße.

Stefan Gaige, Managing Director of MIBA Battery Systems, was satisfied with the smoothness of the load peaks on the power grid: “We have proven that with additional portable charging systems we can significantly reduce the connection load of construction sites, yet there is still no negative feedback. Popular in this network, more to come.”

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