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Strange World: Disney’s adventure about the energy crisis

Strange World: Disney’s adventure about the energy crisis

A multi-ethnic crew must embark on a dangerous adventure deep into their world in the spaceship Ensuring Energy – the Evolved.

At the heart of “Strange World” is a family story, as is customary in Disney. A quarter of a century ago, the teenage Searcher Clade discovered a glowing plant in the mountains while on an expedition with his father, Jaeger. Since then, this has served as a source of energy for the prosperous kingdom of Avalonia, which is surrounded by insurmountable mountains.

On the trail of men’s photos

However, when a mysterious plant disease threatens the crops, Farmer Searcher and his crew, led by powerful Chief Callisto Mal, his wife Meridian, and son Ethan, embark on a perilous journey into the Earth’s interior to get to the plant’s root. There they discover not only a wonderful underground world shimmering with bright colors, but also the adventurer Jaeger, who went missing 25 years ago. Together we save the world.

Finally, there is the question of what a “real man” is. Because Father Jaeger is the great adventurer of the Muscle Mountains, who acts rather than thinks and has sacrificed his family for the mission. On the other hand, Son Searcher is a reserved father who can talk about his feelings.

Stylistically, director Don Hall sticks to the adventure stories of the 1960s. Pop colors, big action scenes, and plenty of humor are mixed with animated characters whose facial expressions and gestures are surprisingly authentic.

“strange world”: USA 2022, 90 min., Directed by: Don Hall,

OON rating:

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