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Overdressed?  Shocked fans face Kim Kardashian!  -stars-

Overdressed? Shocked fans face Kim Kardashian! -stars-

Fans were shocked by Kardashian’s face.

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian loves to draw attention to herself. Now the 42-year-old seems to have overdone her visual self-improvement.

Kim Kardashian, 42, has repeatedly denied in the past that she helped a plastic surgeon with appropriate interventions in terms of appearance. Breasts, nose, buttocks – everything said to be real. However, she admitted that she got Botox injections. Many fans now see the mother of four as over it. They were shocked by their seemingly unnatural facial expressions!

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The latest episode of the reality TV show “The Kardashians,” in particular, caused quite a stir. In it, the billionaire is said to be taking a picture of her new driver’s license. Her tense facial expression has some fans on Reddit freaking out! According to shocked viewers, the 42-year-old’s forehead never moved, while small wrinkles remained in her mouth and eyes when she smiled. One user writes: “What have these women done? Getting old in LA is hard, but it’s not a crime!” Another says: “Kim’s eye wrinkles and nose look so unnatural!”

Swimsuit shoot reviews

In fact, Kim Kardashian used to get positive feedback from her fans on her looks and looks, but currently the negative posts are piling up in the comment columns of her Instagram posts. It seems that her bikini set shoot was not well received by some users. Despite over 3 million likes, there are only negative comments on the post. The judgment ranges from “embarrassing” to “tasteless” to “absurd.” Kim Kardashian probably wouldn’t think so much. After all, she still has 362 million followers on Instagram and, according to ‘Forbes’, a fortune of around $1.2 billion USD.

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