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Styrian State Literature Prize for Bodo Hill

Styrian State Literature Prize for Bodo Hill

Author and goat herder Budo Hill receives the 2024 Styrian State Prize for Literature. The Salzburg native spends the summer in an Alpine hut on the Styrian side of the Dachstein Mountains, and not only takes care of the approximately 100 animals there, but writes his books from there. Graz author Florian Dettmeier will receive the 2024 Styrian Peter Roziger Prize for Literature. Scholarships go to Julia Knas, Cordula Simon and Nadja Rünger.

The Styrian State Prize for Literature, worth €10,000, is awarded every two years to an artist with a connection to the city of Styria for a meritorious literary achievement. Bodo Hell's jury statement, published on Friday, said this time, among other things: “Bodo Hell has also proven himself to be a good shepherd for decades in his writings. As someone who gently collects what he finds linguistically, even in 'remote places,' But at the same time he repeatedly allows his linguistic sheep to take high-level twists and turns. This linguistic herd, combined with the greatest possible individual freedom, is what characterizes the literature of a well-read and experienced author.” Thanks to his vocal artwork, he is “one of the most innovative Austrian writers.”

The Styrian State Peter Roziger Literary Prize, worth 10,000 euros, goes to Florian Dettmeyer, whose prose recognizes “focused creativity and meticulous research,” according to the jury. “In addition, there is an erudition-based indifference that allows the Graz native, born in 1982, to turn away from substantive or technical challenges. In his first book, Compromises (Droschl 2024), he solved one of the most difficult tasks known to imagination.” “Linking the private and global political levels in a sovereign manner.”

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The 2024 Innovative Writing Techniques grant goes to Julia Knas, the 2024 Literature grant goes to Cordula Simon, and the 2024 Lichtungen Poetry grant goes to Nadia Runger. All three scholarships are awarded in the amount of €5,000. “Literary creativity in Styria is diverse and diverse – and this year’s award winners and scholarship recipients are the best proof of that. There is a lot of artistic creativity happening in every corner of our country which we want to bring to the fore. The awards presented by the State Governor and Cultural Officer said Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) on Good Friday: “We express our appreciation for these special achievements and at the same time invite the writers to continue to enrich us with their texts.”