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Succession: Prince Charles in tears after Williams' comments

Succession: Prince Charles in tears after Williams’ comments

There was speculation even before the sons were born archery Megan said that given the color of the skin of the future couple’s children. Just a few weeks ago he had the impression that it was Charles Finally, the brothers announced. There was noticeable relief in the British media when Harry William after the Queen’s funeral Prinz Philip Leaving the church chatting relaxed. From the top of a two-hour crisis with Charles and wife of william Duchess Kate It was talk. Result: unknown, but hope was alive.

Until Harry met his family a little later on a podcast make blame. Charles The prince accused his father of passing on his “genetic” suffering to his children. “He treated me the way he treated me,” he said. Harry. But the relationship between Charles and William should not always be as stable as it appears today. Since Prince Harry withdrew from the royal house, the two have seemed more united than ever. They share their destiny as future kings and faithfully perform their duties in the service of the Crown without deviating too much from tradition.

unusually emotional

Much public sentiment is avoided – even if William and his wife Kate are currently actively modernizing the monarchy. Recently, they started their own YouTube channel, among others. A special case is said to have brought tears to Charles’ eyes. Like the British newspaper daily expression I mentioned, it was Charles He was more than moved to hear William talk about the importance of his inheritance and succession to the throne.

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Charles duchy Cornwall, which always falls into the hands of the heir to the throne and above it he is At least part of his private fortune will pass to William when Charles is on the throne or when the duchy It includes huge estates, forests and hunting grounds.

“I’m starting to think that one day I’m going to inherit the duchy and what I’m going to do with it. I think it’s really important to see it from a family point of view,” daily expression Williams talking with the farmer in the documentary ‘Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall’ (2019) Mervyn Keeling. Reply: “And you have kids to hand it out, and that’s what it’s about.” William agreed, “Yes, sure.”

Charles was shown the clip of the conversation later – and his reaction was extraordinarily emotional: “When I saw him, I couldn’t believe it, I was deeply moved and moved by what he said. To be honest, it made me cry. I really did. Because I suddenly thought, OK, just hearing that from him has made the last 50 years worth it,” says Charles.