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Daniela Katzenberger shows off her new hair

Daniela Katzenberger shows off her new hair

For the first time, Daniela Katzenberger shows herself in a new hair color. She’s been wearing a wig for the past few weeks.

For a long time, fans of Daniela Katzenberger have speculated about her hair color, and now the real-life actress has confirmed it: For the past few weeks, the cult blonde has worn a wig, and has secretly dyed her light hair. The secret was solved in the last episode of her show on RTL 2 “Daniela Katzenberger – Familinglock of Mallorca”.

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After the broadcast, Daniela Katzenberger shared a live comparison on Instagram: Once she was a platinum blonde, and once with her new dark blonde hair. “From sauerkraut blondie to super bride brownie,” says the accompanying caption.

In a later post, the mother thanks her daughter for the positive feedback on her new look. “Even if many assume my hair is dark now, I’m really relieved that my new blonde is so popular with you.”

Fans initially suspected Katzenberger would soon surprise her with brown hair — but that change would have been too drastic for her, she now explains. “I didn’t want to have completely dark hair or look like a different person.” However, she is very satisfied with her new hair color.

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