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Sunak meets the opposition in the British Parliament for the first time

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces opposition MPs for the first time in Parliament in London today. Sunak took office yesterday and announced that he would correct the mistakes of his predecessor, Liz Truss. The government may meet for its first meeting later today.

Sunak will also head to Parliament for the first time, where fierce attacks are expected from opposition leader Keir Starmer of the Labor Party. The opposition is very likely to repeat its call for new elections.

After his appointment, Sunak confirmed that he would close the ranks of the Conservatives. He appointed a number of ministers who had served in previous conservative-led governments. Jeremy Hunt is still Secretary of the Treasury. The ministers of foreign affairs, defence, trade and culture were also transferred from the Truss government.

Downing Street government officials said the cabinet line-up showed “a united party and a government of great experience”. There is continuity in government. However, Sunak drew criticism for the appointment of Interior Minister Suila Braverman, who recently resigned for breaking the rules.

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