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"The Gabalier Doesn't Really Care About South Tyrol"

“The Gabalier Doesn’t Really Care About South Tyrol”

Andreas Gabaler seems to have discovered South Tyrol himself. In his new song, the so-called folk rocker brawls of his own over the “beautiful country” he should definitely “see again.” But how true is the musician about his sudden love for South Tyrol? Upon closer examination, the entire campaign reveals itself as a PR stunt cleverly designed by the tourism and marketing men.

Andreas Gaballier’s new music video as a promotional film for South Tyrol. PR works, but the musician doesn’t seem to mean it seriously. – Image: YouTube screenshot

Rock musician Andreas Gaballier is currently on everyone’s lips – because he declared his love for South Tyrol with his new song. He recently visited a school in Pustertal and drove in collaboration with them south tyrol woman Cooking show on Town Hall Square in Brunei (UT24 reported). But how true does he really mean?

An insider from the media group, who orchestrated the entire scene, says otherwise UT24: “I can’t help but say what I heard. And that is that Gabalier was said to have been paid to sing this song. Behind him are many dignitaries, from tourism professionals and Athese and hoteliers. Of course, they hope for something from everything. Because Gabalier is A good advertising medium. He himself doesn’t really care about the country – he just uses his face for it.”

Merkel first, now Gabaler?

Upon closer examination, the authors of the entire procedure are quickly identified. Gabalier has tagged the page “visitouthtyrol” under his new music video. Portal managed by IDM Südtirol. Exactly the organization that wanted to lure Angela Merkel to South Tyrol this year with a controversial press ad (UT24 reported).

Merkel’s announcement, which cost South Tyrol taxpayers about 70,000 euros, later won a German media award (Click here for the article).

What was most evident with the former German chancellor appears to have been at least more subtly arranged with Gabaler.

The music video can also be commercial for IDM

Anyone who takes a closer look at the music video for “Südtirol” will quickly notice that the recordings can easily come from an IDM ad. So it seems that the PR strategy has paid off. You don’t really want to buy Andreas Gabalier’s sudden love for South Tyrol.

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