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Superstar Jose Carreras wants to end his career 'bit by bit'

Superstar Jose Carreras wants to end his career ‘bit by bit’

There have already been several farewell tours, and now the Spanish star Jose Carreras has announced in an interview with the German news agency that he will end his career “gradually”. On Thursday, the 75-year-old, who developed leukemia in 1987, solicited donations for his Leukemia Foundation at the annual “Jos Carreras Gala” (from 8:15 p.m., MDR) in Leipzig.

About his possible resignation, the Spaniard said: “The moment will come. I will perform professionally for a maximum of three years. I will not stay in the” profession mechanism “because I no longer have the strength to do so. But the strength I still have to stand on the stage and sing. Anyway, I will try “.

Regarding his motivations for setting up a leukemia foundation, the tenor said, “During my treatment, people from all over the world showed me that they cared about me. I also received a lot of help from science. And when I felt better again, I was thinking about some projects. A must. I was on the ground and then I was incredibly lucky to recover like a phoenix from the ashes. My chances of surviving the disease were very slim. But I did. Then I thought to myself: I want help.”

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