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Surviving Deponia: Daedalic brings the series back in a new way

Surviving Deponia: Daedalic brings the series back in a new way

With the Deponia series, Daedalic Entertainment has delivered many successful adventures in the past. Now the franchise is back after years of abstinence – albeit in a new way.

Seven years after the release of Deponia Doomsday, Daedalic Entertainment has brought back one of its most popular and successful game series. Today the studio announced Surviving Deponia, which will take you back to the notoriously trashy planet. However, this time it is not an adventure.

Instead, the studio introduces the story-based survival game with Surviving Deponia. This takes the previous point-and-click gameplay in a new direction, with a new gameplay system, new threats and challenges, friends, enemies, and more.

In the seven years since the events of Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday, Little Garbage Planet has evolved into a Mad Max-esque nightmare. Elysium, the castle of high society that perched in the skies of Deponia, has collapsed to the surface, bringing not only a mysterious lack of water but also new threats leading to a new world order in Deponia. If you want to survive in this new survival game, you have to control the rugged landscape of Deponia by collecting resources, meeting new and some old friends, fighting monsters, building a home base and finally finding a way out of this madness. to escape forever.

Although this genre is new, the goal is to attract returning players with the new part of the series by keeping the essence of the series. At the same time, fans of the survival strategy genre should be drawn to the franchise. Initially publishing in Early Access 2023 on PC.

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Surviving Deponia – Uncover Trailer

Surviving Deponia is a story-based survival sequel to the long-running adventure series.