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Silent Hill 2 Remake: Was the release date leaked?

Silent Hill 2 Remake: Was the release date leaked?

Rumor Launched: According to an unknown dealer from Australia, Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released on September 29, 2023.


So far we have little to come Silent Hill 2 remake from Blooper Team (including The Medium, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear) since the publisher Konami He seems strict about keeping all of the Silent Hill projects announced over the past year a secret. However, the game’s release date may have been leaked, as an online listing from an Australian video game retailer suggests that we James Sunderland returns later this year will encounter.

When will Silent Hill 2 Remake be released? User on ResetEra (via Recently a post from “GorillaGaming” mentions that Silent Hill 2 remake on September 29th It will be released this year. This date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it makes sense since it falls on Friday, which is a joint release day for major titles. The retailer page is still available for now, but that could change a bit if the date is really right. For a placeholder, the date is very strange.

An unknown retailer is listing Silent Hill 2 Remake for September

Of course, one should take this release date with a pinch of salt, especially with a somewhat obscure retailer like GorillaGaming that we don’t really know. However, this is also supported by recent statements made by the well-known Silent Hill insider “Dusk Golem”. The latter recently commented that he believes trailers for three upcoming Silent Hill titles will be released soon, hinting at either another big Silent Hill show like last year or another PlayStation show along the lines. Silent Hill 2 Remake Time exclusively for PS5 it will be.

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It’s very hard to imagine another PlayStation show this year, and one would have expected the game to appear at the last presentation, in large part because it was such a disappointment to so many PlayStation fans. It’s definitely a release date that should be viewed with great skepticism, especially since many online retailers are using the rumors as tentative dates to catch early pre-orders.

So far, there has been no statement from the Bloober team or Konami. We’ll keep you posted here if anything happens.