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Sustainability at the outdoor pool Bistro Rheinauen: The new bistro concept saves a lot of paper waste

Sustainability at the outdoor pool Bistro Rheinauen: The new bistro concept saves a lot of paper waste

The importance of sustainability has continued to grow in recent years and is now also expressed in Michael Häfele’s Rheinauen Bistro. A noticeable permanent change will be implemented immediately: the bistro is switching to using digital receipts. This step is made possible by the NoBon solution from TOPTECH (Drexel checkout center in Hohenems).

As of today, paper receipts will no longer be issued at checkout. Instead, a QR code appears on the customer’s screen, which can simply be scanned with a smartphone to receive the receipt digitally. Until now a receipt had to be printed for every customer, Michael Häfele explains, but most of these receipts were never taken and ended up in the trash. Until now, this complied with the tax office’s statutory requirements, but the introduction of the digital alternative now offers an environmentally friendly solution.

The idea received a positive response from customers. A regular customer of Rheinauen’s bistro is enthusiastic about the new option: “I think the solution is great. To be honest, I didn’t take a paper receipt with me. I usually only do it for expensive things because of the exchange. It’s good for the environment here definitely better.”

TOPTECH’s NoBon solution is specifically developed for all types of cash register software and is available for integration with all cash register hardware providers.
Tobias Drexel, General Manager of TOPTECH, emphasizes that their solution is both sustainable and economical. Sustainability doesn’t always have to be expensive, it can avoid costs. The digital solution proves to be more economical for customers, because printing and disposal of receipts results in costs that are saved with NoBon.

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This sustainable initiative by Michael Häfele and his small town in Rheinauen is a prime example of how small changes can make a huge contribution to protecting the environment. By operating without unnecessary paper waste, they are setting an example for more environmental awareness and showing that sustainability can be implemented in every area of ​​life.

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