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Acoustic Qlash #2: Indie meets Garage Soul

Acoustic Qlash #2: Indie meets Garage Soul

Nice weather and good vibes last Wednesday At the Music Pavilion in Linz. And new music too. This time Cecilia and Bad Ida played in Acoustic Qlash on stage in Donaulände.

Finally: no more rain to spoil the atmosphere at the Linz Music Pavilion in the truest sense of the word. There were two bands of guests to cap off our evening. On the one hand, Cecilia’s local heroes, who have grown into a trio, presented their new album (a longer interview can be heard here). This is called Butterflies and offers danceable alternative pop music. Songs like “Blank Sheet” and “Moon” provide catchy tunes, as does the single “Ghosts,” which was released in 2021. Not only are the three heroes on stage impressed by the fact that many of those present had never heard of Cecilia before. This is the way it should be – because They also organize so that new bands can be heard and broaden the listeners’ musical horizon.

Also guest: Bad Ida from Vienna. Enas Jalali released an album called “Hope Less” that penetrates his own style. “You Gotta Change”, “Don’t Tell Anyone”, “It’s You”, “Good People” combine soul influences with a message not common in this genre. If you then put an absolute master: inside a backing bar on stage, you’d get a mix you probably only get at Bad Ida in this country. We love it – obviously, the audience loves it too!

The third and final Acoustic Qlash of the year will take place on July 5, 2023 at the Music Pavilion. It’ll be louder, I promise!

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the pictures: Christopher Lipp

Acoustic Clash 2023

Summer, sun, sonic Qlash! Also this year we can play in the music pavilion in Donaulände for three evenings. On June 21st, 28th and 5th June. July, every Wednesday, with free admission and always with good music. Come on, get drinks, make yourself comfortable.