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Sylvia Woolney: The Scandal About Stefania Woolney

Sylvia Woolney: The Scandal About Stefania Woolney

19-year-old Estefania Woolley has changed a lot over the past few years. This is also shown by her latest music video. But fans of the rising singer sometimes aren’t quite that excited about it.

“The Wollnys”: Here’s what Estefania says about her song

In 2019, Estefania Wollny appeared on DSDS, hoping to be named the next pop star by pop titan Dieter Bohlen and the jury. Her chances were good, because the jurors were so convinced of the young woman’s singing skills that she made it to the summons. After that, the blonde had to pack his bags, but continues to pursue her dream.

After her hit single “Unkaputtbar”, the 19-year-old was followed by the next song. With them New song “Leuchtfeuer” Estefania appears from a new side. Not just visually, because it’s been around for the past few months properly removed! Wollny’s daughter says about her new song:

I love music and use it to express my feelings. I feel especially happy when I reach out to them because they know these feelings and can empathize with the situation. The rush of love and magic when two people get close, that’s exactly what “The Lighthouse” highlights. The song is emotional At the same time, but also very cool. Perfect for the upcoming summer nights for two,

Stefania reveals.

More about Estefania Wollny:

Sexy music video splits opinions

In the music video for “Leuchtfeuer”, Estefania dances and cuddles with you macho man رجل And spend a nice evening with him. After a drive and a few drinks, the two end up in bed.

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The song was well received by fans: “It makes a very nice sound” “Really great song from you” And the “The song is just great and the voice in particular! Wow, just great and goosebumps”, raving fans.

But not all of the blonde’s followers are excited about the music video:

The song is good, but why is a little girl always shooting videos with an old man?! This kind of weird ,

Find this 19-year-old’s video Not quite suitableAnd the

I don’t like the video at all. Too much sexual for a little girl

are critical voices.