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William Zabka, for his role in "Cobra Kai" season 4

William Zabka, for his role in “Cobra Kai” season 4

Cobra Kai

In the fourth season of “Cobra Kai”, Johnny follows a difficult path. Will he be able to work with Daniel? William Zabka talks about his future on “Cobra Kai.”

Cobra Kai: Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka) founded the new dojo with Eagle Fang Karate.

Cobra Kai: Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka) founded the new dojo with Eagle Fang Karate. (Source: CURTIS BONDS BAKER / NETFLIX)

  • at the end of the year”Cobra KaiBack on Netflix. In the new episodes, Johnny and Daniel have to work together to defeat Kreese’s dojo for the All Valley Championship.
  • Actor William Zabka now talks about how Johnny feels about his new alliance with Daniel and gives an update on his future in “Cobra Kai” as a director.

William Zabka in the 80s to the last century The Karate Kid series a favour. the day passes”Cobra Kai“bei Streamingdienst Netflix An indispensable part of pop culture. twist it Zabka was very surprised after the previous hatred of the “Karate Boy” fans. Cap.

The star has not yet finished his peak and wants to give everything in the future. So he spoke in an interview with an American magazine collider He also works as a director and would like to take on this role one day in “Cobra Kai”.

I thought about it. […] I think after four seasons, we get to a point where there is a certain rhythm, all the actors know each other, trust each other, the machine is working. […] So if the right episode comes along, I’ll be there from the bottom of my heart. I definitely see that coming. […]

William Zabka as director of “Cobra Kai”

But Zabka isn’t just talking about his potential role as a director in one of the new episodes. Of course he plays one of the main roles and so he talks a little outside the box about what’s going on inside of us Cobra Kai season 4 imminent.

Johnny is relieved to have Daniel by his side

Even if Zabka isn’t allowed to reveal any official information, he still reveals a kind of point in his life for Johnny Lawrence at the end of Season 3. So he is relieved to have Daniel by his side.

One-time enemies finally come together at the end of Season 3 to defeat their common enemy, Chris. In a fist fight, Johnny Daniel effectively saved his life. This has a special meaning for Johnny.

I think it has been cleaned up at this point. There is a certain void there, but he feels stronger with Daniel. There is a good feeling [die Last zu teilen,] There is a certain force that welds them together through their common enemy, Chris.

William Zabka talks about Johnny and Daniel’s relationship in season 4

Fans have always hoped that Johnny and Daniel would eventually get together. But so far, events have repeatedly led to discord again after the rapprochement. However, Zabka’s words look promising now.


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An official start date for the fourth season of “Cobra Kai” has not yet been set. But it will probably be ready by the end of 2021. As for the new episodes, they were fresh “The Karate Kid” villain Terry Silver confirmed. We will tell you which others أي The Karate Kid characters from Season 4 Cobra Kai Will appear.

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