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Tado Smart Thermostats + Christmas Gift: Currently marked down by over 50 percent!

Tado Smart Thermostats + Christmas Gift: Currently marked down by over 50 percent!

There are now many smart home solutions for efficient winter heating. With the Tado V3+ Starter Kit, Tink has a starter kit consisting of five radiator and auto-assist thermostats, with which you can use some of the premium features for a full year at no additional charge. As if that wasn’t enough, Tink also adds a clever fairy of lights from Hombli on top, just in time for Christmas. Not only do you always stay green when it comes to temperature, but you also ensure the best lighting atmosphere. It’s currently particularly cheap, as the package is currently less than half the usual cost. And you better get them quickly so you can open your new fairy lights on Christmas Eve:

Control your heating intelligently with the Tado Starter Kit V3+

In the package from Tink, Tado Starter Kit V3+ with five thermostats and automatic assistance, you get everything you need to get started. The smart radiator thermostat solution helps you save energy and money at the same time. The smart functions that take over the entire heating control are particularly practical. This means your home will always stay nice and warm – with maximum efficiency. Ideally, you can integrate the system into your existing smart home — or see the entry level as an opportunity to build one. The thermostats work with Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Assistant. But you can also use your smartphone to control it – so you can pre-heat your room on your way from work or check the temperature on vacation. In testing, the Tado smart radiator thermostat received a score of 8.3.

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Here’s what we liked about the initial set – and not much:

  • Possibility of saving energy and money
  • Smart home integration
  • Easy step
  • Good application with a lot of functions
  • Full functionality after just one year with a paid subscription

Conclusion: Want to buy Tado Starter Kit V3+ with Snart Christmas Lights now from Tink?

You are doing everything right with the Tado Starter Kit V3 if you want to save money on heating. With five thermostats, you should be on the safe side even in a larger apartment. And that’s not all: you get access to the premium functions of Auto Assist for a year, as well as a big discount and a range of smart lights especially suitable for Christmas. In order to be able to attach it directly at Christmas, you must order quickly, because delivery is currently guaranteed by December 24th: