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How is the service changing?

How is the service changing?

The Flipboard news app has been available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows for years – but of course also on the website. These distribution channels collect content from social media and other websites that have partnered with Flipboard. The content is presented in a magazine format.

Now Flipboard has announced and started a new step. CEO Mike McCoy wrote in a statement published Tuesday Enter the blog: “Today we begin opening Flipboard to the Fediverse, a fast-growing part of the web that includes social services like Mastodon, Threads, Pixelfed, Firefish, and PeerTube.”

Flipboard wants to interact with Mastodon and Co. in the spring of 2024

According to Macchio, the aforementioned networks are based on Activitypub, an open and decentralized social networking protocol published in 2018. It provides a client-to-server API for creating, uploading, and deleting content, as well as a server-to-server API for decentralized communications.

In spring 2024, Flipboard accounts interacting in the Fediverse should be able to interact with Mastodon and other social networks. There are currently about 25 posts and people who have confirmed their participation.

Flipboard Accounts were released in January

Starting in January 2024, according to the blog entry, Flipboard accounts will be released for this purpose and the updated app version will contain interactions from Fediverse. McCue sets April 2024 as the start date. Users should then be able to interact with Fediverse from within Flipboard.

The CEO talks about the biggest expansion of Flipboard’s ecosystem since its founding in 2010. The technology aspect He writes that after the changes and Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Flipboard was one of the first companies to look for alternatives and rely on Fediverse. The company wants to herald the end of the era of stand-alone social networks.

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Flipboard works with 25 publishers and creators

Macchio wrote on Tuesday that his company is now working with 25 publishers and creators in the first phase to help them integrate their Flipboard accounts and collect feedback from people across Fediverse.

“This includes a number of publishers covering global news, technology, music, gaming, travel and science, as well as some content creators like Erin Brockovich and Jefferson Graham. We are also a coalition of several non-profit organizations committed to promoting impartial journalism and combating misinformation.

Thanks to the Activitypub connection, you can initially follow 25 Flipboard accounts directly from Mastodon, Pixelfed, Firefish, Lemmy, Kbin, Friendica and Co, including The Verge, Fast Company, Semafor, Polygon and Kotaku. The entire list is available at Enter the blog.

So has become the epitome of Fediverse, and the company also has an open presence for Mastodon with The blog entry indicates that they want to adhere to the rules of moderation and development assistance.

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