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Take full charge for a week

Take full charge for a week

Postal trainees run the branch at Rochusplatz in Vienna independently

Vienna “Lezzz Go Vocational Training Branches” is the slogan according to which 14 talented junior employees of the Austrian Post in Vienna take over the management of a post office in Vienna, and this campaign will subsequently continue in the branches in Salzburg and Graz.

Interns can test their talents in a variety of positions: from branch management to personal customer advice and support in self-service areas to independent sales of merchandise. Customers can expect a special service through which DI Dr. Georg Poelzel, General Manager of Österreichische Post AG, Claudia Blakolm, Minister of State for Youth, Eric Hohenburger, District Director of Vienna’s 3rd District, and Mario Dirntel, BA and MBA, Managing Director of zukunft.lehre.Österreich were personally persuasive. At the post office at Rochusplatz.

After the start in Vienna (July 25-29), the trainee branch campaign will take place at two other locations in August this year in Salzburg (August 16-19, Residenzplatz 9) and Graz (August 22-26, Andritzer Reichsstraße 37a) Follow.

“Interns receive targeted support at Austrian Post. Through our apprenticeship branches, we create perspectives for the professional future and demonstrate the exciting opportunities that Austrian Post offers in its branch network for future outstanding performers. I am very pleased that this wonderful campaign is taking place again this year after a two-year break due to COVID-19.” Georg Poelzel, General Manager of Österreichische Post AG.

For Secretary of State Claudia Blackulm, “Vocational training is also a model for success because young people take responsibility from day one. This means that all doors will open for them later, from working as a highly trained specialist to an entrepreneur. Projects like the Swiss Post apprenticeship branch They are the best proof that our interns are the best prepared employers for tomorrow.”

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According to zukunft.lehre.österreich Managing Director Mario Dirntel, B.A. and MBA, young people need “recognition, confidence and an employer that gives them the opportunity for self-development. The start-up branches of POST AG are a great example of this and should serve as a role model” .

According to District Director of Wien-Landstrasse, Eric Hohenburger, “The trainee branches of Austrian Post are a good example of what trainees can do if you trust them. Supporting trainees is a very important topic for us in the 3rd district of Vienna, so I am especially pleased to have chosen the existing branch at Rochusplatz for this project.”

Trainees develop confidence in their own abilities

Through this special training programme, Swiss Post offers selected trainees a week-long opportunity to take on the management of the post office themselves and experience both the joys and challenges of responsibility. Trainees not only gain important experience, but also enhance their skills and develop confidence in their own abilities. They should be acquainted with correct management behaviour, necessary conscience in daily work and sustainable work as soon as possible. Particular attention is paid to competent and friendly advice. However, the trainees at the branch are not entirely alone: ​​the trainers are available to advise and enhance the potential of the youth on site in a purposeful and individual way.

Sweet ice cream, photo booth and fortune wheel

Not only young professionals benefit, but the Vienna Intern branch also offers additional added value with attractive campaigns: in addition to ice cream and the wheel of fortune with great prizes, there is also the opportunity to use the photo booth to create stamps and postcards with your own photo.

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Jobs in yellow: Swiss Post is training nearly 200 new trainees this year

Austrian Post is currently looking for approximately 200 new trainees. The leading logistics company is offering a total of eight different training courses this year. Across Austria the focus is on retail sales representatives, local specialists and distribution logistics specialists, but Post also trains interns in the fields of electrical engineering, IT and purchasing.

In addition to future training in a successful company and a modern work environment, Swiss Post also offers vocational training with a high school diploma. In addition, Swiss Post pays for a driver’s license for all trainees who stay in the company for two years after successfully completing their apprenticeship training. Depending on the year of the apprenticeship and apprenticeship, the apprenticeship allowance is between €721 and €1347 per month. Vocational training will start in September 2022.

Interested parties can learn more and apply directly on

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