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The new Quake game could be a remake of the original

The new Quake game could be a remake of the original

Is the earthquake coming back? Earthquake Maybe remake Received if there is a description leaked after QuakeCon 2021 After it goes. Yesterday there were already indications on the net that a new Quake video game is in development. However, this statement came from a lukewarm “insider” who was often mistaken. The new Quake is allegedly being developed by ID Software in collaboration with MachineGames (Wolfenstein).

Refreshing the deleted QuakeCon table has now proven that it’s not just a file The new earthquake game is in the works He, is a modified version of the classic. Or even a whole bunch of Quake games?

The leak in question showed a panel description of an event called “Let’s Talk Quake,” which has since been removed from the official QuakeCon website. After all, next week on Friday 20 August 2021, we will know more. The painting is supposed to display the new earthquake for an hour. The description begins with the statement “Quake is back”. Further in the description, it states that MachineGames will discuss new content that has “contributed to this revitalized version”.

Quake Returns (Remake) But how?

The description of the new Quake at QuakeCon 2021 isn’t really specific, but there are some clear messages. The Revitalized Edition can be a remastered or even repackaged compilation of many classic Quake games (via PCGamer).

Fans of the original Quake game should watch for their delight. Perhaps the “new earthquake” will be much smaller than expected. In context: At QuakeCon 2019, Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 were announced and re-released on multiple platforms. Maybe Bethesda will do the same now, only with Quake. This could be a way to make the entire Quake series accessible to a new generation.

Bethesda has an interesting Microsoft game catalog

Even if the new games like Starfield, The Elder Scrolls 6 and Co are not immediately available to Microsoft, there are some interesting published titles that can be “re-released”. An updated version of the original Quake will be an asset for Xbox Game Pass. without question. Microsoft could easily release previous Bethesda games for PC and Xbox, and it appears they do too.

Until then New earthquake (or even the package) Announce, it won’t be long. QuakeCon 2021 will actually happen next week, then we will know if the leaks or not earthquake edition become facts.

the QuakeCon 2021 It starts on August 19, 2021 and will be held entirely digital.