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Tales from Borderlands: Telltale’s adventure continues without Telltale

Tales from Borderlands: Telltale’s adventure continues without Telltale

Photo: gearbox

Tales from the Borderlands will continue later this year. The title, which follows the “Telltale formula” of interactive movie games, was created without the studio. Gearbox is responsible for the development itself, and as with all Borderlands titles, 2K Games is the publisher.

Batman, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Of Us or Tales from the Borderlands: Telltale Games have always been based on the same theme. The movie scenes were broken down by interaction, where the player had limited freedom of movement or was allowed to choose in dialogue that affected the characters’ reactions. Borderlands was one of the best mods because it got the sense of humor of Borderlands shooters and weird settings.

A surprise sequel after the collapse of the original studio in 2018. More unexpectedly, the newly formed Telltale Games won’t be tasked with developing either. Much more than the game’s existence can be inferred from the ad: New stories will be told with a Borderlands setting, Gearbox revealed. The Adventure Edition is a must-have for all current and recent generations of console and PC.

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