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Tales, Legends, Fables - Waidhofner Klangraum Begins Again

Tales, Legends, Fables – Waidhofner Klangraum Begins Again

Technical Director Thomas Pepper invites you to “Klangraum im Herbst” again. The motto of the program is “Tales – Fables – Fables”. On the first evening of October 16, 6 p.m., Bieber commissioned an exclusive, custom-made production in the Crystal Hall of Rothschild Castle: Christoph Willibald Gluck’s opera “Orpheus and Eurydice” will be heard for the first time in a version for the Harmony of Music for Nine Woodwinds. The saga was retold by actor Wolfram Berger. As a musician, Bieber featured the band Serenata Austria.

Four more concerts in November

“The Magic Flute” will follow on Saturday, November 5th. It is performed in different places. Chris Pichler tells the fairy tale from the perspective of the Queen of the Night, accompanied by a flute quartet. As part of a concert in honor of Mathias Rogge’s approaching 70th birthday, Rogue’s new song “Piano Blue” will take place on Saturday 12 November.

A concert with Karl Markovics and Vienna Glass Harmonica Duo will follow on Sunday, November 20. The evening is a literary history about the blind musician Maria Theresia Paradis and the doctor and “magnetizer” Franz Anton Mesmer.

The last concert is dedicated to the young Austrian star Celina Ott. On Sunday, November 27, she will perform with piano partner En-Chia Lin.

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