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The Musical Scene: From Salzburg’s Skate Parks to International Theatres

“Camo and Krooked” on drums and bass performs in celebration of Rockhouse’s 29th birthday on October 8th. For half of the band, whose name is Camus Reinhard Rich, the concert is a home visit. Nearly 20 years ago, as a student, he made Salzburg’s skateboarding scene unsafe.

Musical duo “Camo & Krooked” will perform in Salzburg on October 8. Camus, also known as Reinhard Rich, has Salzburg roots.

Back home Salzburg

Reinhard Rich has been making music with Crooked aka Marcus Wagner for over 15 years. For Rich, the concert at the Rockhouse is homecoming, as he grew up in Salzburg and also earned a bachelor’s degree there. In fact, the musician was more associated with the skateboarding scene there when he was young. The musician funded his studies by winning skateboard competitions. According to the musical duo, skateboarding and music have always been closely related.

Source: Youtube, Camo & Krooked
“Anyone who skates knows the music they’re listening to, whether it’s punk, hip-hop, or drum and bass,” says Markus Wagner. The first big concerts were held while they were studying, and the duo managed to make a living from their own music relatively quickly and toured the world. Visits to his hometown of Salzburg became rare for Rich. It’s better to be able to play at home again. “My brother and his family and all of my skaters friends from before come to the Rockhouse birthday party,” Rietsch says happily.

Salzburg: Possibility to climb

Rietsch sees a need to catch up with the young music scene in Salzburg. Young people find a way, but they can also be better supported. “Little is being done today, especially for underground music,” says the drummer and bass player. In Salzburg, attention is paid to tourism and the “beautiful and smooth influence from abroad”. But Salzburg is also a beautiful city, adds the musician.

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160 bpm

The band’s name Camo and Crooked comes from the skater’s days. Reinhard Rich liked the camouflage pattern, hence the camouflage, and Marcus Wagner’s favorite skate trick was Krooked grind, hence the name Krooked. “I once broke my foot while doing this trick,” Wagner says happily.

When they decided to compose music together, they just put names together. Musicians can recommend drum and bass music to people who like faster beats. The classical number in hip-hop music is about 90 beats per minute, in the musical genre “drum and bass” it is almost twice that number.

Lots of different effects

According to the duo, the thing about Camo & Crooked is that they try to combine drums, bass, and other genres. So in their spare time musicians try to listen to as little drum and bass as possible in order to be inspired by other styles of music.

Drum and bass band "Camo and Crocade" Served at the Rockhouse 29th Birthday Party on October 8th.

“We’ve developed our own sound over the past 20 years,” Rich says. “Musicians haven’t had much progress or ‘one hit’.” The best thing about her job is “to make music that’s very useful for you.”

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