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Talk Episode 55 by MSV Duisburg

Talk Episode 55 by MSV Duisburg

One day later than usual – due to Easter Monday – episode 55 of the talk appears before the first leg of TSV 1860 in Munich on MSV Duisburg. After a whole series of outside guests, moderator Yan “only” welcomes two of his fellow editors, Bernd and Christian, so issue 55 is all about black.

Defeat against Osnabrück

As usual, it initially concerns the last TSV 1860 Munich game, even if it is inconvenient to discuss it again in this case. The 2-3 defeat Against VfL Osnabrück is not quite out of our minds, which is also likely due to the 0:1 evolution. Of course, the tabular situation is also important here. As a result, promotion has become elusive – but the season isn’t over yet. In the fight for the important (because it is financially important) put 4, each point is important.

Transfer and rumors about Köllner, Rieder & Co.

Appropriately, the rumors are slowly heating up and coach Michael Kollner is not spared questions. The 52-year-old has not made a clear commitment, being contractually bound to TSV 1860 until the summer of 2023. In one Suspension Christian has already evaluated the general discussion and also commented back on the talk. Meanwhile, Bernd is committed – Kölner stays with the lions!
In addition to the coach, the focus is also on the players. ten decades It is running out and some names have been mentioned such as Rieder, Vrenezi, Jakobi or Sorge (all formerly Türkgücü). Of course, it is not yet certain who will boost the TSV 1860 – but possible additions are still being discussed.

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Next game: TSV 1860 at MSV Duisburg

However, those names couldn’t help winning a point on Sunday, as the current 29 Lions have to do it on their own. TSV 1860 in Munich travels to MSV Duisburg with four games remaining and urgently needs a win to preserve its fourth-place chances. On the other hand, the hosts could finally say goodbye to the third tier relegation battle by three points. So everything is prepared for the exciting game that Christian and Jan will follow on site in the guest building. The expectation of the two is already clearly present and finally the topic in Episode 55. talks number 55 as a video and podcast

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