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Target group-Bitmoji: Digitizing fashion groups

Target group-Bitmoji: Digitizing fashion groups

Fashion lovers can increasingly get off the hook while wearing their personal avatar, the so-called Bitmoji. New on the boat: Crocs’ fun plastic treadmill.

In addition to the classic collections of the fashion year – fall / winter, spring / summer, resort, cruise, haute couture – some brands and designers rely on an additional collection: the Bitmoji collection. Some applications, including Whatsapp and Snapchat, offer the function of creating a personal avatar. They can then be sent laughing, crying, showing your tongue or a heart (depending on your emotional state). At first, Bitmoji fans had to be content with basic clothes, white shirts, and jeans. Meanwhile, more and more fashion brands are presenting their collections for virtual wardrobes. Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Michelle Kors, Rodart, and Diane von Furstenberg are just a few of the fashion houses that rely on digital presence for their cutting edge in WhatsApp and Snapchat conversations.

mini me

For example, you could buy a piece of clothing and wear the same for your split self. Or you can simply limit yourself to the digital version if the analog part is too expensive. Users and posters see this as an opportunity to engage with the topic of fashion in a humorous way.

The latest addition to the world of Bitmoji fashion is Crocs footwear brand. Plastic treads for personal avatars are available in 17 different types. As in real life, the models can be customized with small-hole accessories for which the Crocs brand is famous. While the analog fashion world revolves around the nickname of simple wardrobes “uniform bandage” Labels are based on the digitization of their pieces.

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