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Fans angry at the new design: ÖFB North Macedonia opponents keep the old jersey

Fans angry at the new design: ÖFB North Macedonia opponents keep the old jersey

North Macedonia will wear the jerseys last season in the European Championship. Fans have protested the new design of German sporting goods manufacturer Jako.

“Very ugly. Where is our sun?”, “Pathetic”: These were some of the comments on social media about the new European Championship jersey for North Macedonia. North Macedonia fans were not satisfied with the German sporting goods manufacturer’s new design for their national team.

Colors in particular were a thorn in the crowd’s side. While the previous jersey was designed in bright red with a yellow sun, the new jersey reminds fans more of Portugal. According to some fans, the red color of the new work clothes is too dark. The new shirt also features the Balkan slit, which is a national symbol of the country.

This is what the new group should look like

Fans have started a petition against New Jersey

But it is likely that the Balkan lynx will not be used in EM. Because the fans started a petition against the new design, they now want to play against Austria on Sunday in the old jersey that the German national team had already recognized poorly at the end of March.

Voting: Choose the ÖFB team that will start in XI against Macedonia

German supplier Jaco was surprised by the decision. In a statement from the company, Tobias Röschl, Head of Marketing and Sales said: “After qualifying for the European Championship, the Macedonian Football Association sent us their design and color preferences. After consulting with the association and approval of the corresponding sample, we executed it in detail, delivered it on time and presented it at May 28. After the critical reactions from its fans, the federation has now applied for and obtained a license to play with the previous jersey. We wish the team a lot of success with these jerseys as well, but we would like to emphasize that we have delivered them exactly as requested, in advance and approved by the association” .

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