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“Teens become mothers” – Christine: “My tongue is a luxury”

With her fancy tongue and a new song in her bag, Goldkehlchen Kerstin is about to conquer the charts. After “The Mess in Me” now, “Fiesta Loca” has to be the summer’s new hottest hit. Kirsten’s number one fan is always there: Scott.

Now Christine wants to go wild with Spanish lyrics and summery tunes. Her second single, “Fiesta Loca”, is set to become a new summer hit, to be enjoyed poolside with cocktails. “My tongue is luxury,” Kirsten says from the start. “It only wants luxury.” So instead of a vodka Red Bull, Kirsten only wants sparkling wine and champagne.

Scott is a huge fan of Kirsten

Whether they are “luxury drunks” or not, Christine wants to impress with her voice. She seems to have improved since her first song. “You can tell her voice has gone up a little bit,” Scott enthuses. From time to time, an “I’m going to shiver a little bit,” he would exalt himself as Kirsten’s number one fan. “She does it very well,” admits the proud friend.

Producers Lajetta and Markus also show respect to Kirsten. Her voice “took a really big leap, she really should have been practicing for days”.

It seems that Christine herself is satisfied with the song. The producers’ concept is clear: “Chaos must always resonate.” But Kirsten knows that the road to music is difficult. Will she be able to pursue her dream of a great music career? What was the cost of working in the recording studio?

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