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E-Mobility Startup Achieves Crowdfunding for Green Rocket Registry

E-Mobility Startup Achieves Crowdfunding for Green Rocket Registry

Just last year, Wiener Neudorf-based e-mobility startup Aviloo introduced Progress As part of the €2.3 million European Green Deal for the excitement. Since its founding in 2018, Aviloo has raised more than five million euros in funding.

Aviloo achieve record value

The next success message will follow on Monday. With the Austrian platform Green Rocket, which specializes in investment opportunities in start-ups and sustainable companies, Aviloo was able to raise $1.25 million for further growth in just ten days. According to Green Rocket, this is a record value in the history crowdfunding-a program. A total of 734 small investors signed up for crowdfunding included.

“We are very proud of this most successful crowdfunding in the history of our Green Rocket platform and that the audience is an essential part of the Aviloo success story,” said Rockets Managing Directors Wolfgang Deutschmann and Peter Garber-Schmidt.

On the Green Rocket crowdfunding platform, you can invest in Austrian companies from 250 euros and at an interest rate of up to eight percent. In addition to the fixed interest rate, an additional interest component is also introduced.

ROCKETS Managing Directors Wolfgang Deutschmann (pictured left) and Peter Garber-Schmidt (right) © ROCKETS

Battery tests for used electronic cars

Aviloo claims to have developed the world’s first independent, manufacturer-independent battery tester for electric (used) vehicles. In this way, consumers should be able to purchase used electric vehicles without risk. Software and hardware as well as algorithms for data analysis were developed at Aviloo’s headquarters in Lower Austria.

The three-person founding team around Markus Berger, Nicholas Mayerhofer and Wolfgang Berger has already convinced well-known sales partners such as Denzel AG, Birner Group, Porsche Holding and ÖAMTC, which currently offer TÜV-certified test diagnostics at more than 30 sites in Austria.

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In addition, many international clients from Asia, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland now rely on the know-how of local startups. Because according to the startup, batteries can be improved and extended their life by selling test data to large battery cell manufacturers such as LG Energy Solutions.