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Tesla implementation initiative: Environmental law undermined - participation is stronger |  04/06/21

Tesla implementation initiative: Environmental law undermined – participation is stronger | 04/06/21

After Tesla submitted revised application documents to build its factory in Grünheide, the local citizens’ initiative called for a complete construction freeze.

“It is reaching out to Tesla’s salami tactics to obtain early permits with the support of the state government,” the initiative’s spokesman, Stephen Schorcht, of the German news agency DPA said on Friday. “German environmental law is being further undermined”.

Shortcht has criticized that there is no documentation yet available for the planned scheme and has now applied for the battery plant. Therefore, the State Office for the Environment (LfU) cannot give a positive outlook for the project as a whole. However, this is a requirement for early building permits pursuant to Section 8a of the Federal Immigration Control Act. No further prior approvals should be granted until new documents have been examined.

US electric car maker Tesla submitted new application documents to build its plant in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) near Berlin to the State Environmental Office (LfU) on Thursday. Changes in the ongoing approval process were necessary, among other things, because Tesla also plans to manufacture battery cells on site. For this purpose, the company applied for the corresponding auxiliary equipment for the production of the car.

The order documents also contain the fact that the car manufacturer intends to bring about 1,180 additional mainstays to expand the press workshop. Citizens initiative was shocked by this number. Schucht said that even the first 550 spikes on the site were controversial. Initial approval of stilt foundations has repeatedly been a point of criticism from environmentalists. They had indicated a decree on the water protection zone of Erkner water stations, according to which this was prohibited.

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Tesla plans to build about 500,000 copies of its Model 3 and Model Y series compact cars in Grünheide each year. The final environmental permit for the construction of an automobile plant has not yet been obtained. Accordingly, Tesla is building with early approvals. Time to make a final decision is unclear. Tesla trainer Elon Musk He had mentioned the end of the year as the date to start production during a visit to Grünheide in May.

The citizens’ initiative has called for more public debate and, according to its own statements, wants to support the legal action of nature conservation societies against temporary permits to build the plant. The automaker has already received 15 provisional approvals. According to the Ministry of the Environment, the licensing authority first decides whether the public should participate again. She said that the new interpretation is considered likely.

On the Nasdaq, Tesla shares are currently up 3.79% to $594.56.