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Tesla launches version 9 of its full self-driving program

Tesla launches version 9 of its full self-driving program

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Tesla has sent out an update to a few select drivers that give Autopilot new skills. The Trial version 9.0 to Full Autonomous Driving (FSD) It expands the capabilities of the assistance system, but does not really allow Teslas to drive fully autonomously yet. The biggest changes in the new FSD version are improvements to off-road driving, new visualizations and better driver attention monitoring.

Ask paranoia

Perhaps due to criticisms of Tesla’s autopilot that repeatedly flares up after accidents, the manufacturer has the update with many Warning Notices Error. How Engadget ReportsThe Tesla CEO also urged users of version 9 of the FSD to be “paranoid” and thus be ready to take control of the car at any time.

mixed reactions

How Mashable ReportsA few thousand people should have received the update by now. Some of these have the first Experience It was actually captured on video using improved autopilot and posted online. Feedback on the new system so far.”mixedOn screen in Tesla, the FSD 9 is supposed to make itself noticeable mainly with new visuals. It should give drivers a better impression of how the car’s sensors and computers perceive the environment.