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That's why he no longer wants to be James Bond

That’s why he no longer wants to be James Bond

If it had been up to Daniel Craig, James Bond would have ended for him after Specter. He has now revealed the reason for this.

About the twenty-fifth James Bond movieNo time to die” he is Daniel Craig Slither into the role of agent for the last time. After that, a new actor will take on the role. who will be exactly We won’t find out until 2022. If it was up to Craig, Specter from 2015 was his last. He has now revealed the reason for this decision.

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In an interview with USA Today The 53-year-old actor spoke about the high physical performance it took to shoot the James Bond movie:

“I’ve always tried to be honest about my feelings. When I started becoming Bond, I immersed myself in it and tried to be as physical as possible. I felt like this was very important – that’s how Bond should be. I wanted people to think I was doing these stunts. But After the Specter movie, I really had Feeling like I can’t do this anymore. “

Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson only managed to convince the actor with a final film in order to combine the events of the last films. So with a new Bond actor there will be a new, bigger story. You can see in our interview what the actors of the movie “No Time to Die” expect from Khalifa: News – Who will be the next James Bond?

Daniel Craig separated from his family because of Bond movies

Craig gives another reason for the decision to drop the role: Filming a James Bond movie always meant several months separated from his family:

“It’s also a year away from home. And that’s really hard for everyone. Calling my wife and saying, ‘Hey, I’m injured, I have to go to the hospital’ is not a great call. I had a feeling I could no longer do that.”

Despite all the hardships that asked him to shoot in films, the actor looks sadly at the role. in a in another place Craig said he would miss the tremendous team effort that goes into making such a big movie. Plus, he’s already envious of the next actor, whoever he is, for the special experience that comes with the role. The biggest candidates for the next Bond game are “poison– Star Tom Hardy and Reggie Jane Page („BridgetonIt remains to be seen who will win or will it be someone else entirely.

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James Bond has been around in movie form since the 1960s. How well do you know your way around 007?

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