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"Count's Wedding" in Hohenems - Hohenems

“Count’s Wedding” in Hohenems – Hohenems

© Assunta Waldburg Photography

Visitors, spectators and guests experienced a special experience, but above all, of course, last Saturday’s happy wedding at Hohenems.

Tatiana Waldburg-Zell, the eldest daughter of palace steward Franz Clemens Waldburg-Zell and the great-granddaughter of the Empress “Sisi”, Philip Isle married in St. Karl’s Church. Many spectators, visitors and guests lined the road from the parish church to the palace to offer congratulations to the newly married couple. The bride wore a crown that once belonged to Empress Sisi, who in turn bequeathed it to her favorite granddaughter Elizabeth, Tatiana’s great-grandmother.

Many representatives of European aristocratic houses from a dozen countries did not miss this meticulously planned “holiday”, which was framed musically by Hohenems Citizen Music, including King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands with his wife Maxima, who were friends with the bride. parents for years.

Guests from a total of 14 countries participated in the “Wedding of the Year” in Hohenmes.

The noble houses of Habsburg, Bourbon, Hohenzollern, Liechtenstein, Bavaria, Baden, Württemberg, Oldenburg and the Dutch royal house of Orange were represented as well as Mayor Dieter Eiger and several representatives of the city council.

A special thanks from the Waldburg-Zeil family goes to St. Carl’s Parish with a very humorous sermon by Reverend Thomas Heilbronn, civic music, St. Carl’s Church Choir, Police, Arpeggione Chamber Orchestra, Emser Palast-Tachern, K&K Infantry Regiment as well as the City of Hohenems.

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